Georgetown Smallpox Hospital, Register of Sick and Wounded Dec 1865 – Dec 1867

Microfilm Publications
Roll 78, Target 4
Register of Sick and Wounded
Volume (203)
Dec. 1865–Dec. 1867

Source Citation

“South Carolina, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, 1865-1872,” images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Georgetown (hospital) > Roll 78, Register of sick and wounded, Dec 1865-Dec 1867 > image 6 of 17; citing NARA microfilm publication M1910 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).


Georgetown Hospital Sample


You may view images of the original records here on FamilySearch.

These records were abstracted by Alana Thevenet.

Small Pox Hospital near Georgetown, S.C.
[Only the freedpeople were transcribed.]
[*All patients had the complaint of small pox except
for the ones with a different entry.]

Legend: Names; Adults or Children; Sex/Age; Complaint

Nancy McCrief Adult F/40   [*]
Jennett Walace Child F/4
Geo. Lasaine Adult M/30
Hannah Ford Adult F/60
Hannah Singleterry Adult F/35
Thomas Young Adult M/23 Remit. Fever
Samuel Reddick Adult M/65
Stepney Ash Adult M/50
Phillis McConnel Adult F/45
Ned Coley Adult M/70
McClenney Adult M/49
Frank Harry Lasson Adult M/48
John Bush Adult M/30
Chance Middleton Adult M/50
Toney Hiddleson Adult M/40
Gibby Mitchell Adult M/25
Ellen Allston Adult F/30
Betty Bramell Adult F/25
Abraham Coley Adult M/20
Joseph Small Adult M/38
Joseph Savage Adult M/57
Monday Macreef Adult M/14
John Ganey Adult M/14
Lenny Graham Adult F/14
Lewis Gaillard Adult M/20
Jim Train Adult M/20
Betty Strong Adult F/50
Liddy Benjamin Adult F/40
Simon Benjamin Child M/5
Emaline Le Rebour Adult F/25
Janney Walker Adult F/40
Booker Taylor Adult M/30
Eliza Grove Adult F/30
Patience Ancrum Adult F/55
Ceasar Gordon Adult M/25
Alick Hamelton Adult M/35
January Robertson Adult M/40
Abraham Read Adult M/46
Martha Strong Adult F/13
Wm Capers Adult M/25
[Illegible] McKlevy Adult M/35

Legend: Names; Adults or Children; Sex/Age; Complaint

Cornelia Brown Adult F/30
Fanny Brown Child F/7
Susanna Brown Child F/5
Wm Brown Child M/3
Sylvia Grove Child F/4
Rosena Barton Child F/10
Ceasar Dey Adult M/45 Abcess
Jim Dorsey Adult M/60 Rupture
Toomer Hyatt Adult M/30
Simon Weston Adult M/25
Dandy Hampton Adult M/20
Nancy White Adult F/15
Ann Middleton Adult F/16
Mingo Button Adult M/25
Dido Small Adult M/35
Janes Green Adult M/24
Sarah Mitchell Adult F/30
Billy Sanders Child M/5
Emaline Green Adult F/30
John Grove Adult M/15
Sarah German Adult F/45
Tom Grove Adult M/60
Wm Carraway Adult M/25
Eliza Hiddleson Adult F/23
David Hiddleson Adult M/5
Mary Hiddleson Adult F/2
Christian Parker Adult M/17
Harry Simons Adult M/40
Harriett Grove Adult F/25
George Grove Adult M/4
Katy Swinton Adult F/30
Beck Hamilton Adult F/35
Susan Richards Adult F/20
Francis Hiddleson Adult F/30
Jno Rees Adult M/65
Anna Johnson Adult F/15
Prince Rogers Adult M/30
Cupid La Bruce Adult M/25
John Parker Adult M/20
[Illegible] Adult F/30
Mary Nelson Adult F/40
Peggy Sessions Adult F/30
Adella Sessions Child F/8
Carry Sessions Child F/6
Paul Sessions Child M/4
Jno. Sanders Child M/5
Aggy Richardson Adult F/40
Daphne Lewis Adult F/30
Sam Smith Adult M/35
Snow Singleton Adult M/60
Nelly Le Rebour Adult F/55
Julia Palmer Adult F/15
Rebecca Simpson Adult F/35
Harriett Nelson Adult F/30
Agnes Nelson Child F/1
Isaac Caraway Adult M/25
Saml. Johnson Adult M/35
Hannah Cohen Adult F/35 Crippled
Mingo Small Adult M/25
Mingo Addison Adult M/30
Hager Clark Adult F/45 Rheumatism
Rebecca Russell Adult F/35 Debility
Emma Barns Adult F/15 Chronic ulcer
Elijah Eady Adult M/45 Chronic ulcer
Wm. Smith Adult M/30
Jonas Pinckney Adult M/40 Debility
Francis Dey Child F/9 Destitute
Luke Richardson Adult M/40 Crippled
Rebecca Richardson Adult F/30 Debility
Ned Richardson Child M/4 Destitute
Wm Richardson Child M/2 Destitute
Emaline Green Adult F/30
Nancy Green Child F/7
Rose Peerson Adult F/40
Sarah Green Child F/10
Mary Green Child F/7
Anthony Green Child M/5
Pheobe Dusaint Adult F/30
Mary Davis Adult F/25
[Illegible] Adult M/50

Legend: Names; Adults or Children; Sex/Age; Complaint

Eliza Pierce Adult F/30
Eliza Pierce Jun. Child F/6
James Pierce Adult M/16
J.T. Pierce Child M/Infant
Alick Heston Child M/5
Glasgow Lester Child M/10
Isaac Green Adult M/21
Maria Richardson Adult F/60 Debility
Robt. Bennett Child M/5
Septhen Lasson Adult M/25
Chance Middleton Adult M/25 Debility
Wm. Carraway Adult M/25 Syphilis
Eliza Ward Adult F/60
Nanny Anderson Adult F/35
Lucy Anderson Child F/6
July Read Adult M/16
March Rutledge Adult M/50 Dysintery
Jane Bell Adult F/40
Willy Anderson Child M/5
Joe Williams Adult M/25
Jack Cooper Adult M/30 Syphilis
Elsey Harvey Adult F/35 Debility
Margaret Rogers Adult F/40
Dianna Jones Adult F/25 Scurvy
Laura McCloud Adult F/24
Stephen Lasson Adult M/27
Andrew Brown Adult M/70
Rose Purson Adult F/50 Dysentery
Anny Purce Adult F/25
Geo.Eddy Adult M
Geo. Embly Adult M/30
Moses Jenkins Adult M/40 Anasarca
Suckey Raney Child F/14
Dianna Huggins Adult F/40
Peter Simons Adult M/40
Betty Simons Adult F/30
Sary Simons Child F/8
Pompey Simons Child M/Infant
Geo. Singleton Adult M/32
Hector Daniel Adult M/50
[Illegible] Adult M/30 Chronic ulcer
[Entire line is illegible]
Sarah Raney Adult F/10
Joe Morris Adult M/20 Intermit.
John Gussett Adult M/30 Swelled testacle
Bella Raney Adult F/20
H[illegible] Cuttino Adult M/35
Allston Davis Adult M/40
Elias Swinton Adult M/30 Vertigo
Mary Simons Adult F/25 Syphilis
Bella Holmes Adult F/45 Rheumatism
Cain Holmes Adult M/15 Intermit
Backus Maxwell Adult M/30
Andrew Brown Adult M/80 Debility
Maria Raney Child F/10
Ned Green Adult M/40
Paul Wineglass Adult M/16 Debility
John Moultrie Adult M/45 Debility
Daneas McFadden Adult F/30 Intermit.
Elie McFadden Adult F/2 Intermit.
Anthony Smith Adult M/40
Chas. Washington Adult M/30 Intermit
Elizabeth McKimble Adult F/27 Intermit
John McKimble Child M/3 Intermit
Wm McKimble Infant M Intermit
Anny Sawyer Adult F/30
Legrand Shaw Adult M/30 Delirium tremons
Dolly Smith Adult F/24 Syphilis
Richard Grant Child M/5
Rachel Davis Adult F/30
Richard Davis Infant M
Jannette Davis Child F/12
Maria Mithcell Adult F/25 Syphilis
Harriett Wilson Adult F/30 Debility
Henry Lovell Adult M/30 Debility
David Champlin Adult M/20 Intermit
Lewis Jacob Adult M/30
John Page Adult M/30 Incised wn’d
Tibitha Carter Adult F/35 Anasarca
Orianna Carter Child F/9 Intermit
Mary Carter Child F/7 Intermit
Charles Phillips Adult M/40 Anasarca
[Illegible] Brown Adult M/50 Anasarca

Legend: Names; Adults or Children; Sex/Age; Complaint

Eliza Pierce Adult F/30 Rheumatism
Eliza Pierce Jr. Child F/6 Intermit
Lizzy Thompson Adult F/35 Intermit
Jane Leggitt Adult F/30 Epilepsy
Susan Leggitt Infant F/1 Debility
Yancy Manning Adult M/30 Rheumatism
Jim Funny Adult M/35 Dyspepsia
Saby Waterman Adult M/40 Idiotic
Rosie Brogda Adult F/60 Debility
Johnson Myers Adult M/60 Anasarca
John Smith Adult M/60 Asthma
Henry Lovill Adult M/40 Anasarca
Bill Frank Adult M/30 Intermit
Anthony Laurens Adult M/50 Dis’d Toe (Amputation)
Sampson Richards Adult M/30 Dis’d Toe (Amputation)
William Green Adult M/40 One arm
Jim Tucker Adult M/30 Gonorrhea


Legend: Names; Adults or Children; Sex/Age; Complaint

Susan Hartley Adult F/16 Syphilis
Lucy Atkinson Child F/10 Debility
Wetly Denison Child M/6 Debility
Elsey Harvey Adult F/35 Anasarca
Richard Tessin Adult M/25 Rheumatism
Sarah McCrae Adult F/30 Blind
Tenah McCrae Child F/5 Debility
Moses McCrae Child M/3 Debility
Sharper Washington Adult M/65 Blind
Martha Lewis Adult F/35 Debility
Chas. Bamfield Adult M/40 Syphilis
Katy Smith Adult F/30 Amp’n Fore Arm
Satira Orange Adult F/55 Debility
Sy Gordon Adult M/15 G.W. Wound
Rose Gordon Adult F/25 Debility
ceasar Kershaw Adult M/50 Paralysis
Parker Ford Adult F/65 Debility
Ben Dunkin Adult M/30 Burn
Chas. Shaw Adult M/25 Cripple
Manemia Weston Adult F/40 Rheumatism
Nelly Watson Child F/8 Debility
Daniel Weston Child M/6 Debility
Geo. Weston Child M/4 Debility
[Illegible] Weston Child M/Infant Debiliity
Henny Moyd Adult M/15 Intermit
Lin Richardson Adult M/70 Hernia
Phillis Ford Adult F/50 Debility
Wasley Allston Adult M/70 Debility
Katy Cohen Adult F/45 Debility
Jim Funny Adult M/30 Debility
Rena Rawlins Adult F/25 Debility
Ben Gaston Child M/5 Debility
Hager Green Adult F/30 Debility
Chas. Chapman Adult M/50 Debility
Julian Thompson Adult F/55 Debility
Martha Thompson Child F/6 Debility
Bedy Thompson Child F/4 Debility
Binah Merritt Adult F/25 Debility
Carolina Merritt Child F/6 Debility
Henry Williams Child M/ mos. Debility
John Smith Adult M/65 Nearly blind
Matilda Ramsey Adult F/17 Syphilis
Chas. Daly Adult M/17 Burn
Martha Johnson Adult F/30 Syphilis
Juddy Allston Adult F/30 Debility
James White Child M/5 Abcess
Mary Keels Adult F/16 Debility
Tom Read Adult M/30 Frostbite
Beck Fraser Adult F/25 Debility
Margaret Fraser Child F/7 Debility
Jos. Rogers Adult M/55 Ulcer
Billy Snow Adult M/75 Asthma
Cornelis Gadsden Adult F/25 Ulcer
Monday Smith Adult M/30 Amp’n great Toe
John Huggins Adult M/60 Anasarca
Fred Manigault Adult M/30 Abcess
Mary Jones Adult F/40 Amenorrhoea
Drucilla Rose Adult F/35 Chron. Ulcer
Ben Dunkin Adult M/25 Epilepsy
Orange Barefoot Adult M/75 Catarrh
Eseau Bossard Adult M/50 Epilepsy
Peggy Thornton Adult F/60 Idiotic
Peter Wilson Adult M/30 H[illegible]
Ned Thomas Adult M/25 Delirium tremens
[Illegible] Mention Adult F/40 Intermit

Legend: Names; Adults or Children; Sex/Age; Complaint

Katy Brown Adult F/40 Rheumatism
Hardtimes McCall Adult M/45 Chron. Ulcer
Elijah Eady Adult M/45 Debility
John Ruse Adult M/75 Fracture Femur
Washington Frowart Adult M/45 Anasarca
Eliza Cook Adult F/30 Man. Abcess
Julia Cook Child F/12 Inft. Remit
Rebecca Cook Child F/13 Inft. Remit
Amaretta Thompson Adult F/30 Debility
Hester Haynes Child F/3 Debility
Gilbert Fayall Adult M/60 Chron. Ulcer
Pheobe Dusaint Adult F/23 Rheumatism
Henry Vaughn Adult M/25 Rheumatism
Tom Conyers Adult M/30 Rheumatism
Rose Allston Adult F/60 Rheumatism
Sylvia Grayson Adult F/45 Colic
Martha Thompson Adult F/25 Amenorrhoea
Unity Palmer Adult F/30 Inf’n of Iris
Buddy Palmer Child M/8 Debility
Laura Palmer Child F/3 Debility
Dinah Sherman Adult F/60 Inf’n Conjunctivitis
Cain Saxby Adult M/16 [Illegible] Thomb
Sarah Ann Rowell Adult F/35 Chronic ulcer
Wm. M. Rowell Child M/4 Debility
Cinette Magrath Adult F50 Imbecility
Abraham Easterling Adult M/16 Anasarca
Ebenezer Rhames Adult M/40 Ascites
Jno. J. Rhames Child M/7 Debility
Thos. Allston Adult M/70 Rheumatism
Sarah Waterman Adult F/25 Intermit
Robt. Waterman Child M/4 Debility
Prince Pyatt Adult M/24 Burn
Beckey Ash Adult F/30 Dropsy
Joshua Ash Child M/6 mos. Debility
Caleb Ash Child M/6 mos. Debility
Tyra Furguson Adult F/15 Debility
Simon Tiswell Adult M/25 Idiot
Luke Richardson Adult M/41 Cripple
Rebecca Richardson Adult F/31 Debility
Ned Richardson Child M/5 Debility
Wm Richardson Child M/3 Debility
Geo. W. war Adult M/30 Rheumatism
Wm. Little Adult M/60 Chron. ulcer
Lucy Davis Adult F/80 Anasarca
Mary Ann Smith Adult F/25 Intermit
Clara Smith Child F/4 Inft. Remit
Allen Small Adult M/20 Chron. ulcer
Tenah Lee Adult F/60 Debility
Tyra Ferguson Adult F/15 Debility
Katy Cohen Adult F/45 Menorrhagia
Susan Green Adult F/40 Rheumatism
Elizabeth Green Child F/4 Debility
Elizabeth La Bruce Child F/5 Intermit
Washington Gaillard Adult M/18 Contusion
Peggy Brown F/50 Rheumatism
Rebecca Brown Child F/10 Debility
Peter Lee Child M/8 Debility
Billy Bolan Child M/4 Anasarca
Sarry Bolan Child F/7 Debility
Wm Green Child M/6 Debility
Jenny McKay Adult F/70 Catarrh
Henry Magrath Child M/10 Debility
Sy Giles Adult M/55 Chron. ulcer
Rachel Tompkins Adult F/25 Debility
Bob Steel Adult M/50 Debility
Eve Drayton Adult F/25 Syphilis
W.B. Wilkinson Adult M/40 Debility
Hammond Huggins Adult M/35 Abcess
Franics Huggins Adult F/4 Debility
Patience Nelson Adult F/30 Debility
Sarah Nelson Adult F/6 mos. Inft. Remit
Lucy Green Adult F/25 Debility
Matilla Green Child F/4 Debility
Pompey Green Child M/2 Debility
Quilla Davis Adult F/18 Catarrh
Tibitha Lanbert Adult F/25 Debility
Tom Allston Jun. Adult M/45 Anasarca
Claiburn Perkins Adult M/50 Chron. ulcer
Primus I’On Adult M/25 G.S. wound
Alfred Baker Adult M/30 Intermit
Mary Ann Smith Adult F/25 Rheumatism
[Entire line is illegible]
Silla Gore Adult F/30 Intermit
Ben Gore Child M/2 Debility
Dianna Brown Adult F/30 Itch
Suckey Campbell Adult F/35 Intermit
Jane Bell Adult F/28 Intermit
Adella Bell Adult F/1 Debility
Rachel Tompkins Adult F/25 Debility
Rosetta Stevens Adult F/23 Pregnant
Elsey Hawsey Adult F/40 Anasarca
Toby Mitchell Adult M/25 Syphilis
Lafayette Washington Adult M/40 Syphilis
Leah Washington Adult F/30 Syphilis
Amy Washington Adult F/4 Debility
Chas. Harbin Adult M/25 Intermit
Billy Green Adult M/30 Intermit
Windsor White Adult M/18 Tumor in face
Abel Carraway Adult M/28 Intermit
Eliza Perry Adult F/65 Rheumatism
Binah De Saussure Adult F/60 Intermit
Johnson Myers Adult M/60 Intermit
John L. Perry Adult M/70 Debility
Maria Williams Adult F/20 Debility
Sawney Poinsett Adult M/45 G.S. wound
Abraham White Adult M/17 G.S. wound
Harriett Washington Adult F/22 Syphilitic
Pheobe Boyd Adult F/24 Debility
John Mitchell Adult M/45 Ulcer
Rosetta Stevens Adult F/25 Debility
Edward Thomas Adult M/70 Debility
Cyrus Grant Adult M/30 Intermit
Lizzy Grant Child F/25 Intermit
Elsey Grant Adult F/1 Intermit
Dallas Johnson Adult M/24 Intermit
Sharper Washingtno Adult M/65 Blind
John L. Perry Adult M/70 Diarrhoea
Hardtimes Gourdin Adult M/70 Debility
Sary Gourdin Adult F/65 Debility
Frederick White Adult M/30 Whittow
Clarissa Pyatt Adult F/75 Debility
John Sylvester Adult M/25 Intermit

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