Jefferson and Amanda (Rivers) Graham Bible, Panola and Lafayette Counties, MS, Contributed by Glennie Graham Hines

What family is this Bible record for? : The Jefferson and Amanda (Rivers) Graham Bible
Please tell us the county and state the ancestors named in the Bible record are from. : Panola and Lafayette Counties
If you would like to share a story about your family or this Bible record, please type as little or as much as you like in this box. : This Bible was sent to me several years ago by a cousin who descends from Minnie Graham Jones, the youngest daughter of Jefferson and Amanda Graham. She felt I should have it, as I seem to be interested more in the family’s history than she did. I am hoping by putting this Bible into the public’s view, that someone will recognize Jefferson and Amanda Graham, as I am desperately seeking some other family related to Jefferson. This is one of my biggest brick walls. He related that he remembered coming from some southern island of the U.S., as a cabin boy off a boat or ship. He also said that he “came” from Oklahoma, and most thought he was part Native-American. However, his DNA haplogroup indicated his Y-DNA result was E1a. I have not found a way of testing his maternal side. His parents are listed on different census records as being born in NC and SC–quite a dilemma!

Graham-Bible_cover Graham-Bible_Inside-cover-w_Jeff-Graham-and-address Graham-Bible_Jeff-and-Amanda-Graham-and-fam Graham-Bible_Jones-P4


Graham-Bible P5 Graham-Bible_Marriage-Record P6 Graham-Bible_-The-Lords-Prayer P7 Graham-Bible_Jessie-Jones-bday P8

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