Grandchildren of Robert Smalls, Charlotte, NC, ca. Early 1930s, Contributed by M.B. Moore

Ancestor’s Name: Robert Smalls’ Grandchildren
Where Was This Photo Taken?: Charlotte, NC
When Was This Photo Taken?: early 1930’s


  1. Jeanette Williams

    I just love these photos! Thank you so much for sharing. Does anyone have an authentic list of who was also in the boat with him? I wonder because my father’s family is from that area.

  2. Sherry Laible-White

    Jennie Smalls born in 1898 St Johns Island, SC whose father and brother were William Smalls are my grandchildren’s 2 x grandmother, 3x grandfather & 2x great uncle, respectively. Where did the Smalls name originate?

    • Turquoise Stokes

      Please contact me. William smalls is my grandfather.

      • Peter Hoover

        Ms. Stokes. I would love the opportunity to speak with you on the phone or through Shype if possible. Your granfather’s story is just so unbelievable. I have a MAster’s degree in History and taught History in middle school, high school and college. Your grandfatghers name in NEVER mentioned in Civil War Histiry, but what a courageous and honorable man he was. If you are so inclined, I would love to speak with you.

        • Tameeka M Young

          My grandmothers uncle name was Edwin smalls. He was the former owner of smalls paradise in Harlem renaissance. While researching Edwin I found that he was related to Robert smalls. We are trying to get confirmation of a family lineage and are unsure how. If anyone could help that would be great. My grandmothers birth name is Bernice Smalls. Her parents we’re George smalls and Bertie May Smalls. They had 9 children.

          • Tafari Holsey

            My grand aunt Dorothy Plaines was married to Edwin Smalls.

          • Tafari

            My grand aunt Dorothy Plaines was married to Ed Smalls.

      • Jude Gentry

        I am an author of a few books, nothing you ever would have heard of, I came across this article while researching a book I am working on about Robert, would love to hear from you if you are interested.

  3. Thadine Wormly

    In 1992 while visiting my maternal, paternal grand aunt Edna Smalls-Washington in Savannah Georgia, she informed me that another relative had a large framed document with the signatures of important men. One of the signers was a family relative Robert Smalls. That document was thrown. My aunt Edna said, “Robert Smalls was a relative on my fathers’ side. My mother’s name Margaret A. Smalls-Wormly, her father Edward Smalls, her aunt Edna Smalls-Washington.

    • Toni

      Oh goodness Thadine. I wonder what the document was? Thank you for commenting, and glad you found a connection here.


  4. Vincent Smalls

    We also think and US Census shows that Robert Smalls had a third wife and more children. One of his daughters was Rosa Smalls who was my paternal grandmother. My brother and father who was born in Beuford SC in 1915 always told me we are related to Robert Smalls and showed me him in the encyclopedia Britanica. If anyone can help, please reply.


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