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  1. Jeanette Williams

    I just love these photos! Thank you so much for sharing. Does anyone have an authentic list of who was also in the boat with him? I wonder because my father’s family is from that area.

  2. Sherry Laible-White

    Jennie Smalls born in 1898 St Johns Island, SC whose father and brother were William Smalls are my grandchildren’s 2 x grandmother, 3x grandfather & 2x great uncle, respectively. Where did the Smalls name originate?

    • Turquoise Stokes

      Please contact me. William smalls is my grandfather.

  3. Thadine Wormly

    In 1992 while visiting my maternal, paternal grand aunt Edna Smalls-Washington in Savannah Georgia, she informed me that another relative had a large framed document with the signatures of important men. One of the signers was a family relative Robert Smalls. That document was thrown. My aunt Edna said, “Robert Smalls was a relative on my fathers’ side. My mother’s name Margaret A. Smalls-Wormly, her father Edward Smalls, her aunt Edna Smalls-Washington.

    • Toni

      Oh goodness Thadine. I wonder what the document was? Thank you for commenting, and glad you found a connection here.



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