Jim Rumph, Early 1900s, South Carolina, Contributed by Lynda Smith Harris

Jim Rumph Early 1900s SC Contributed by Lynda Smith Harris

Ancestor’s Name : Jim Rumph
Names of Others in Photo : Lynda Smith Harris
Where Was This Photo Taken? : South Carolina
When Was This Photo Taken? : Early 1900s
If you would like to share a story about this ancestor, please type as little or as much as you like in this box. : He was born about 1812, possibly in Africa. He was separated from several members of his family, who were forcibly moved to Alabama during their enslavement. He lived to be 100 years of age.




  2. Gloria Hanson

    Jim Rumph was on the same plantation as my descendants Harry and Rebecca Singleton, Phillipa Middleton Twine Other family names from Midway/Bamberg: Currys, Robinsons, Tobins, Johnsons, Rickenbacker, Orr, Ramsey, Hazel, Manigo, Wigfalll, etc.. The Woodlands Plantation owner William Gilmore Sims.
    Feel free to reach out,

    • Chris McKenzie

      Nice pic! My mom grandpa is also named Jim rumph, slave master was Samuel rumph that left South Carolina and landed in marshallville ga . These rumph bear resemblance


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