Robert Smalls’ Grandchildren, 1898, Beaufort, SC, Contributed by Michael Boulware Moore

Bampfield Children

This is a picture of my maternal grandmother – shown here as a 1 year old infant – along with her older siblings.

Ancestor’s Name : Robert Smalls’ grandchildren – incl. infant Ariana Bampfield (Boulware)
Names of Others in Photo : The children of Elizabeth Smalls Bampfield
Where Was This Photo Taken? : Beaufort, SC
When Was This Photo Taken? : 1898


  1. Stephen reed

    Robert Smalls is my cousin his family is Edisto Island,SC.???

    • Toni

      Oh wow Stephen, thank you for sharing that!


    • Angela Washington

      Robert Smalls is my Great grandfather

  2. Turquoise Stokes

    I believe he is a relative of mine as well. Willy smalls of Beaufort sc and also ladies island

  3. Jerrimarie White

    Robert Smalls is my great great grandfather. I was told that my grandmother addie smalls, was his granddaughter.


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