Robert Smalls’ Grandchildren, 1898, Beaufort, SC, Contributed by Michael Boulware Moore

Bampfield Children

This is a picture of my maternal grandmother – shown here as a 1 year old infant – along with her older siblings.

Ancestor’s Name : Robert Smalls’ grandchildren – incl. infant Ariana Bampfield (Boulware)
Names of Others in Photo : The children of Elizabeth Smalls Bampfield
Where Was This Photo Taken? : Beaufort, SC
When Was This Photo Taken? : 1898


  1. Stephen reed

    Robert Smalls is my cousin his family is Edisto Island,SC.???

    • Toni

      Oh wow Stephen, thank you for sharing that!


    • Angela Washington

      Robert Smalls is my Great grandfather

  2. Turquoise Stokes

    I believe he is a relative of mine as well. Willy smalls of Beaufort sc and also ladies island

  3. Jerrimarie White

    Robert Smalls is my great great grandfather. I was told that my grandmother addie smalls, was his granddaughter.

    • LaLeita Small

      I believe he is my great great great grandfather. For some of family kept the s after small(s) while others did not. My grandfather was Robert small jr. and same with great grand father. All of them came from plantersville sc and Beaufort sc and Charleston sc as well other parts of sc.

  4. JJ

    I think I was Robert Smalls in my last lifetime.


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