Yarborough Family Bible Record, Louisburg, Franklin County, NC, Contributed by Renate Yarborough Sanders

What family is this Bible record for? : Yarborough Family
Please tell us the county and state the ancestors named in the Bible record are from. : Louisburg, Franklin County, NC
If you would like to share a story about your family or this Bible record, please type as little or as much as you like in this box. : All items penned in the calligraphy type of handwriting are pertaining to the 11 children of Calvin (b. 1839) and Precilla (b. 1840) Yarborough of Louisburg, NC. Other items were written in, later, by their children or grandchildren.

 Yarborough Family Bible1 NC  Yarborough Family Bible2  Yarborough Family Bible3


Yarborough Family Bible4 Yarborough Family Bible5 Yarborough Family Bible6

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